Bunny’s First Space Mission

BLEEP-BLIP, CRACKLE-CRACKLE! “Come in, Junior Cadet. We really need your help for our most secret mission yet!” Hop on board a rocket headed for the stars with Luna the space bunny. She can’t wait to become a famous space explorer like Mom and Dad. So, blast off into the cosmos for a mission you won’t […]

Wonderland Explorers

Come and explore a magical land in this enchanting book! With windows to peep through and flaps to flip, there’s so much to discover!

Wanted Unicorn

For one little boy, meeting his dream pet becomes a nightmare when he realizes that Nula isn’t a normal unicorn. In fact, she is a very naughty unicorn! Enjoy Nula’s magical mischief in this fun, rhyming story.

Wanted Shark

“Not big enough. . . Too tiny. . . No! They’re much too small for me. Where are all your sharks? That’s what I’m really here to see.” Will Meg’s dream of having a pet shark come true? Find out by sinking your teeth into this fin-tastic story!

The Stars Have All Gone Out

Little Bear can’t see any stars shining in the night sky. He decides to set off on a big space adventure! But will he be able to find the shining stars to light up the night sky? Read along to find out in this soft and snuggly story.

Santa Cancels Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa feels completely fed up. He’s eaten too many cookies and the reindeer are misbehaving. Then, when his GPS breaks, he decides he’s had enough for one year! Can Mrs. Claus and the reindeer convince Santa to save Christmas? Find out in this hilarious festive story with a tropical twist.

Rockin’ Reindeer

“Why should HE be famous? WE’RE the ones who pull his sleigh! Until Santa says sorry,” they said, “we’ll be on our way.” Santa’s reindeer are tired of him stealing the spotlight every Christmas. When they leave and form a band, the reindeer become famous rock stars overnight and are far too busy to pull […]

Uh-oh! It’s the Unicorns!

The town has been turned upside down. Dullsville is changed forever. “The unicorns must leave,” they say. “We’ll face them all together!” Dullsville is a boring place where nothing ever happens. When a herd of magical unicorns appears, they add a chaotic burst of color to the town. Can the people of Dullsville learn to […]

Bee My Friend

“My colony all flew away and now I’m on my own. I’m trying to find somewhere safe that I can call my home.” Poppy is terrified of bees. What if they sting her? But when Billy Bumblebee lands in her garden, Poppy soon begins to learn all about the special things that bees do, making […]

5 Minute Tales: Farm Stories

Enjoy a short story each night of the week with this adorable Farm Stories collection. Join all the friends for a fun sports day, meet the loudest animal on the farm and discover Sheep’s secret. With 7 stories inside, little ones will treasure this collection forever.