Color By Dots: Around the World

Embark on a mystery coloring challenge with this unique coloring book. Follow the color keys on every page and you will slowly unveil a beautiful hidden design, each influenced by the wonderful world around us. Your completed works of art will make marvelous masterpieces that you can display in your home.


There is infinite magic within all of us. This modern guide to witchcraft is the perfect companion to help you take back control, awaken your magical abilities, and make your life happier and healthier. Enrich your existence with the power of magic and learn what witchcraft is, how to use its power in your everyday […]


The power of Tarot is within all of us. This modern guide to divination is the perfect companion to help you shake things up a bit, interpret day-to-day events, and understand what the future holds for you. Learn how Tarot works, find out the meanings behind each card, and discover some easy-to-follow ideas for card […]

Murder Most Cryptic

Something deadly is disrupting the peace in the picturesque village of Puzzleby. Puzzle enthusiast and amateur sleuth Miss Matilda Hemmingway is determined to follow the trail, no matter how bloody it may be . . . Use your sleuthing skills to solve sudoku, unravel riddles, and crack codes to get to the bottom of eleven […]

Inspiring Rock Designs

Explore the latest mood-boosting trend with this brilliant rock-painting kit. Practice with funky patterns, vibrant colors, and messages of positivity to transform your rocks into decorative ornaments for your home, garden, or even your community. This set includes everything you need to create a variety of remarkable rock designs, plus a 24-page book containing instructions […]


Discover the personality traits of the zodiac in this funky coloring set, featuring beautiful and unique designs bursting with positive energy. Use your brush pens to transform each page of line art into colorful masterpieces, then add your own individual twist using the symbolic stencils included.

Travel Posters

Get ready to embark on a journey through snow-capped mountains, bustling cities, and memorable landmarks in this beautiful travel poster coloring set. Use your coloring pencils and accessories to indulge in some quality relaxation while traveling around the world—all without leaving the comfort of your sofa!

Christmas Village: Advent Craft Kit

Celebrate the magical lead up to Christmas with this stunning book and Advent Village craft set. Add festive cheer to each day of Advent by crafting a new addition to your paper village. Each of the 25 buildings is beautifully illustrated and ready for you to assemble in 10 to 15 minutes. From the ultimate […]

Butterflies and Birds

Explore nature’s wonderful winged creatures in this beautiful colouring book, brimming with intricate artwork of majestic birds and delicate butterflies. Let your imagination run wild, and while away the hours completely immersed in a fluttery wonderland.

The Dog Butt Colouring Book

Let’s face it, our canine pals have no shame in displaying their butts for the whole world to see. Laugh your butt off with 45 hilarious colouring pages, celebrating our canine friends and their fluffy rear ends.