The Book of Things That Make Me Happy

Struggling to find your smile today? Turn your frown upside down with your own personal positivity guide to all the things that make you happy! Using the prompts and exercises inside, remember all the joy, laughter and kindness in the world and let your worries slip away. There’s plenty of room for everything you love […]

Strong Mind, Strong Body

Get started on your wellbeing journey with this comprehensive feel-good guided journal all about strengthening your mind and your body, together. With pages to record and reflect on your journey, as well as guided activities, friendly advice and lots of empowering information, you will have everything you need for a truly holistic approach to healthy, […]

Good Night, Sweet Dreams

Delve into the amazing world of dreams and their meanings with this all-encompassing guided journal. Record your dreams on journal pages, then explore their significance with interpretation guides, a dictionary of meanings and more. With clear, simple guidance, and space for your own records and reflections, this beautiful guided journal will allow you to reconnect […]

The Colouring Book of Feel-Good Songs

Get your groove on as you colour your way through the greatest ever feel-good songs. This colouring book with a musical twist features empowering lyrics to brighten your day and give you a mood-boosting lift. Immerse yourself in this harmonious colouring extravaganza and don’t be afraid to sing your heart out!

Colour The Zodiac

Relax and let the stars and planets guide you through a mesmerising colouring journey. From beautiful Zodiac symbols to calming cosmic patterns, this is the perfect place to find your creative side and explore the amazing art of astrology.

Scratch Art: Love Your Life

Get ready to celebrate everything that’s special to you! Express your love for life with enriching journal pages, covering everything from self-love to gratitude. Then, get creative with the decorative scratch-art pages, filling them with doodles inspired by love, life and everything lovely in it! Everything you need is here, including a scratch pen and […]

Scratch Art: Around The World

Jump on board and get ready to travel the world with this globe-trotting scratch art book. Follow the prompts and tips for creating amazing scratch art images of some the world’s most iconic landmarks, including the Taj Mahal, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Christ the Redeemer and the Eiffel Tower. With a scratch pen, fold-out […]

The Beatles Colouring Book

Bring your own unique creative twist to the incredible story of the Fab Four, with pages of groovy colouring scenes. From iconic album covers to legendary concerts, from early days to the height of their success, you can recreate some of the most important moments in music history.

Be Peaceful: Colour Your Soul Happy

Let happiness unfold before your eyes as you set off on a peaceful colouring journey. Feel your stress begin to melt away with every touch of colour you add to each soul-soothing quote. Relax, take a quiet moment and immerse yourself in pure joy.

All The Things I Love

Isn’t love wonderful? There are so many things to love. Your friends and family. Music and movies. Cake. The list is as long as your heart can make it, and this is the perfect place to start.