Healing Guides Tarot: The Modern Book of Divination

The power of Tarot is within all of us. This modern guide to divination is the perfect companion to help you shake things up a bit, interpret day-to-day events, and understand what the future holds for you.

Learn how Tarot works, find out the meanings behind each card, and discover some easy-to-follow ideas for card spreads you can perform to you get you started on your divination journey.

Key Highlights
-Comprehensive Introduction: Perfect for beginners, offering a smooth entry into the world of Tarot.
-Modern Take on Tarot: Contemporary insights align with today’s world, making interpretations more relatable.
-Card-by-Card Guide: Detailed explanations for each of the Tarot cards, enhancing understanding and intuition.
-Engaging Spreads: Discover various card layouts tailored for both novices and seasoned readers, making readings versatile and insightful.
-Empowerment Through Divination: Unlock the power within and use Tarot as a tool to navigate life’s challenges and joys.
-Build Intuition: Harness the guide to strengthen your intuitive muscles and foster a deeper spiritual connection.
-Interactive Learning: The guide encourages hands-on practice, ensuring a more immersive Tarot experience.

  • Publish Date - 2024-07-09
  • ISBN - 9781837715237
  • Categories - SparkPoolSparkpool (Adults)
  • Ages - Adult's
RRP: $9.99