How to Relax and Unwind: a Guide for Mindful Moments

This mindfulness guide, brimming with techniques, activities, and inspirational phrases, is crafted to nurture your soul and alleviate stress. Whether you need a brief respite or a prolonged moment of peace, the soothing breathing exercises and serene sayings are just a page flip away.

Discover your inner sanctuary and pave your path to tranquility with this comprehensive wellness guide. It doesn’t just share knowledge, it invites you to engage. Chronicle your journey towards mental well-being, incorporating daily mindfulness practices and reflections. Every page offers carefully curated exercises and meditation techniques to integrate into your routine. Adorned with captivating visuals and peppered with uplifting affirmations, this book is more than just a read – it’s an experiential journey to true relaxation and happiness.
-Find Your Zen: Delve into breathing exercises and serene sayings to calm the mind.
-Personalized Journey: The book doubles as a journal, allowing you to chronicle your path towards mental tranquility.
-Daily Mindfulness: Equip yourself with meditation techniques and exercises designed for daily practice.
-Visual Tranquility: Beautiful imagery complements the text, making every page an immersive experience.
-Inspiration Abound: Motivational affirmations keep you anchored and inspired throughout your journey.

  • Publish Date - 2020-07-01
  • ISBN - 9781838525385
  • Categories - SparkPoolSparkpool (Adults)
  • Ages - Adult's
RRP: $7.99