The Dog Butt Colouring Book

Let’s face it, our canine pals have no shame in displaying their butts for the whole world to see. Laugh your butt off with 45 hilarious colouring pages, celebrating our canine friends and their fluffy rear ends.

The Cat Butt Colouring Book

As every cat lover knows, cats love to stick their behinds in the most inappropriate places. Laugh your butt off with 45 hilarious colouring pages, celebrating our feline friends and their fluffy rear ends.


Bring your own unique creative twist to the incredible story of the King of Rock and Roll, including legendary album covers and famous film roles, with 45 iconic scenes to colour in. Slick back your hair, grab your guitar, put on your blue suede shoes and immerse yourself in some of the most important moments […]

F*ck the Colouring Book

Modern life is stressful, and nothing beats stress like a good burst of swearing. Combine the cathartic powers of colouring and cussing with over 40 pages of foul-mouthed affirmations to colour in. Discover an adults-only approach to relieving tension and exercising your creativity.

Christmas Colouring

Pull on a cosy jumper, put up the decorations and get into the Christmas spirit with this festive colouring book! From robins and reindeer to stockings stuffed with presents, experience the joys of Christmas with 45 calming seasonal scenes and patterns to colour in.

Get Out There

Are the mountains and the hills calling you? Do you dream of sand between your toes, or long to explore the winding streets? Let this book ignite the wanderlust within you, inspire your inner traveller, and help you rediscover the joys of colouring.

The Tarot Colouring Book

Get creative and discover the power of the Tarot deck Delve into the amazing world of Tarot in this illuminating colouring book, featuring intricate and powerful images from the major and minor arcanas including the High Priestess, the Magician and the Fool. Whatever else the future holds for you, finding your creative side and enjoying […]

How to Be Kind and Thoughtful

Bring a little sunshine to those around you with simple acts of kindness. Whether it’s appreciating loved ones, helping in the community, or simply being kind to yourself, this little book is packed with ways to make the world a better place.

The Great Big Book of Amazing Me

There are over seven billion people on this planet, but there is only one you. Isn’t that amazing? To celebrate your brilliance, here’s a place to create a record of everything that makes you so very special. It’s time to really get to know the fantastic, fabulous you.

The Book of Things That Make Me Happy

Struggling to find your smile today? Turn your frown upside down with your own personal positivity guide to all the things that make you happy! Using the prompts and exercises inside, remember all the joy, laughter and kindness in the world and let your worries slip away. There’s plenty of room for everything you love […]