Stranger Things: The Unofficial Colouring Book

Visit the small town of Hawkins and explore the eerie Upside Down with this awesome unofficial colouring book, inspired by the hit television show. Sit back and enjoy transforming 46 pages of incredible illustrations into your own colourful masterpieces and relive some of the best moments from the critically acclaimed Stranger Things.

Festive Colouring

There is no better way to get into the festive spirit than a cosy night in with a Christmas-themed colouring book. This wonderful book allows you to transform 24 intricate shop fronts and their interiors into merry masterpieces. With over 45 colouring pages in total, you will soon unveil a beautiful bustling town, busy preparing […]

Natural Wonders

Get ready to explore the world’s natural beauty with this globetrotting scratch art book. Be amazed by the fascinating details and fun facts on each of the extraordinary landmarks, including Mount Everest and the Aurora Borealis, which have graced our planet for centuries. Then, get imaginative with the decorative line scratch art pages, transforming the […]


There is no better time of year to get creative than Christmas! Indulge yourself in some festive fun with this jam-packed scratch art book, filled with craft, gift and baking ideas, Christmas checklists and fun facts. Then, get imaginative with the decorative scratch art pages by transforming the black and white line art into colourful […]

Tattoo Colouring

Tattoos are all about freedom of expression, and what better way to get creative than immersing yourself in an afternoon as a tattoo artist? With 45 pages of edgy artwork ranging from traditional tigers and roses to modern mandalas, this book provides you with hours of colouring indulgence in your own personal studio.


In a hectic world where regularly indulging in self-care is of the greatest importance, discovering the benefits of crystals could transform your understanding of your body and mind. Learn all about crystal and chakra energies with this must-have guide, as well as how to harness the powers of your very own crystals, all included in […]


Discover the personality traits of the zodiac in this funky colouring set, featuring beautiful and unique designs bursting with positive energy. Use your brush pens to transform each page of line art into colourful masterpieces, then add your own individual twist using the symbolic stencils included.

Travel Posters

Get ready to embark on a journey through snow-capped mountains, bustling cities and memorable landmarks in this beautiful travel poster colouring set. Use your colouring pencils and accessories to indulge in some quality relaxation while travelling around the world – all without leaving the comfort of your sofa!