3D Colouring: Wonderful Worlds

Enter worlds beyond your imagination in this incredible 3D colouring book. The Intricate designs on each page will lead you on a journey from deep sea kingdoms to lands across our planet and beyond. Use bursts of colour to lift these unique three-dimensional images off the page and create wonderful works of art.

Inspirational Colouring: Animals and Nature

Discover the beauty of the amazing animal kingdom with this wonderful colouring book, filled with intricate artwork of stunning natural habitats and creatures from around the world. Let your imagination run wild as you while away the hours exploring the secrets of magnificent mammals, curious reptiles and much more.

Power of Magic Colouring Book

Delve into the enchanting world of mysticism and magic with this spellbinding colouring book. Featuring 46 pages of beautifully intricate artwork, this book provides the opportunity to unwind and allows you to breathe life into crystal clusters, powerful potions and curious spells. Indulge yourself and get lost in your very own colouring grimoire – it’s […]

Escape the Murder Express

As a high-flying journalist, you love to get the scoop on any big story. You board a train hoping to obtain some exclusive information – instead, you stumble upon a murder. Someone has killed the informant you hoped to meet – and now you look like the prime suspect. With 90 minutes until the train […]

Take 5 Bumper Wordsearch

Need a quick break? You’ll only need five minutes to relax with a wonderful set of wordsearches. Search out hundreds of words hidden in these grids, on a wide range of topics, to help you have fun.

Take 5 Bumper Crosswords

Have you only got five minutes to spare? That’s all you need to have fun with a brilliant collection of crosswords! Test your trivia knowledge over a huge range of subjects and make the most of your downtime.

Take 5 Bumper Sudoku

Looking for some fast fun? Even if you’ve only got five minutes, this great collection of Sudoku puzzles will do the trick. Take on grids ranging in difficulty from easy to hard, and stretch your logic skills in a flash!


There is infinite magic within all of us. This modern guide to witchcraft is the perfect companion to help you take back control, awaken your magical abilities, and make your life happier and healthier. Enrich your existence with the power of magic and learn what witchcraft is, how to use its power in your everyday […]


The power of Tarot is within all of us. This modern guide to divination is the perfect companion to help you shake things up a bit, interpret day-to-day events and understand what the future holds for you. Learn how Tarot works, find out the meanings behind each card and discover some easy-to-follow ideas for card […]

Boost Your Brain Power

30 minutes is all it takes to improve your brain power. Boost your mental agility, vocabulary, reasoning skills, creativity, memory and much more with over 300 brain-exercising puzzles to complete.