Dot Painting

Transform your home into your own personal studio and create beautifully bold works of art with this complete dot painting kit. Express your creativity and use the colour guides to match your dotting tools to your paint palette. As you colour the dots, you’ll begin to unveil stunningly vibrant designs of animals, flowers and much […]

Sticker By Numbers: Dogs

Enter a dog-lover’s paradise with these 10 stunning sticker portraits. Match the stickers to the numbers and bring this cute collection of canines to life in the form of incredible, intricate artwork. It’s never been easier to make a masterpiece!


Become a master of Manga with this complete guide to learning the hugely popular Japanese art style. Use your pencils and refillable brush tool to design and colour, while learning key drawing techniques such as shading, contouring and perspective. With step-by-step instructions to draw incredible characters and creatures, you’ll be instantly inspired to create wonderful […]

How to Draw Portraits

Are you a budding artist? Have you always wanted to learn how to draw your friends, family, and favourite people, but didn’t know where to start? Inside this set, you’ll find a stylish tin containing two artist’s pencils and ten colored pencils, and a complete guide to coach you through the basics of drawing portraits.

How to Draw Flora

Are you a budding artist? Have you always wanted to draw blissful botanicals or beautiful blooms, but didn’t know where to start? This set includes both drawing and coloured pencils in a stylish tin, and a complete guide to coach you through the basics of drawing your favourite flora.


Embark on a journey to achieve an elite night’s sleep with this beautifully illustrated guide and sleep-enhancing kit. Sleepless nights will be a thing of the past as you learn about the key principles of an ideal slumber – everything from crafting your perfect evening routine to discovering the herbal heroes which will help you […]


Sharpen your mind with over 170 bewildering codeword puzzles! These mind-boggling brain teasers combine codebreaking with crosswords to create puzzles which are sure to boost your brain’s agility. Flex your mental muscles and use your wit to solve these clever codewords!


Sharpen your mind with 160 bewildering rebus puzzles! Read between the lines and find the common phrases and idioms hidden within these clever picture-based riddles. The combined symbols and words create fun challenges, so flex your mental muscles, improve cognitive skills and boost your brain’s agility with rebus!

Temporary Tattoos

Ready to experiment with skin ink without the commitment? This temporary tattoo book features over 300 gorgeous designs, from modern and minimalist to vibrant and traditional, which are all safe, pain-free and easy to remove. What’s more, discover the history of the most classic tattoo designs, along with step-by-step instructions on how to accessorise your […]

Horror Movies Colouring Book

Enter your nightmares with this blood-curdling colouring book and revisit iconic scenes inspired by best-loved horror movies from across the decades. Explore the frights inside with over 45 scream-worthy scenes of mythical monsters, evil entities and spine-tingling serial killers to colour in. Do you dare turn the page?