One More Hug: Wish for Sweet Dreams with This Cozy Bedtime Story

Embark on a heartwarming journey into dreamland with One More Hug: Wish for Sweet Dreams with This Cozy Bedtime Story. As the night approaches, Little Mouse’s desire to stay awake dances with the allure of slumber. Whether it’s an extra story, a melodic tune, or an additional hug, Little Mouse yearns for one last thing before drifting into the world of dreams. Join the enchanting quest as Mommy Mouse lovingly endeavors to lull Little Mouse into a peaceful sleep, crafting a tender tale of bedtime magic.

Unveil a world of developmental benefits within the embrace of this charming story:

Language Enrichment: Bedtime stories nurture language skills and comprehension as young ears absorb rich vocabulary and proper sentence structures through the captivating narrative.

Bonding and Connection: Sharing bedtime stories is a precious moment of togetherness that cultivates warmth, security, and lasting memories.

Sleep Routine and Relaxation: ‘One More Hug’ becomes an essential component of a soothing sleep routine, ushering children into a realm of relaxation as the night unfolds. The gentle transition from the story’s embrace to the land of dreams prepares young ones for restful slumber.

Immerse yourself in the tender embrace of One More Hug, where bedtime stories weave a tapestry of love, learning, and tranquility.

  • Publish Date - 2021-06-07
  • ISBN - 9781800227347
  • Categories - Children
  • Ages - Baby & Toddler (0-2)
RRP: $7.99