Ultimate Questions & Answers: History and Culture

Ever wondered who started the Olympic games? Or what “Viking” even means? And how ancient is Ancient Egypt? Travel back in time and discover all the answers to your questions in this must-have guide to all things history and culture!

Ultimate Questions & Answers: Animals and Nature

Ever wondered which monkey can shout the loudest? Or how much an elephant can eat in a day? And what is the difference between a crocodile and an alligator? Discover all the answers to questions about your favorite animals, plants and more in this must-have guide to all things wild!

Super Sweet Squishies

Paint your own super sweet squishies with this fantastic box set! Use the easy-to-follow guides to create adorable squishy friends, then enjoy lots of great activities. The fun will last for hours!

Really Cute Rock Painting

Paint your own cute rocks! Inside this kit you will find everything you need to create 5 adorable rocks. Decorate them in your own style, or use the guides in the book for designs that rock!

Hearts and Rainbows, Beads and Charms

Learn how to make amazing friendship bracelets, bookmarks, and more with this exciting kit! With 3 gorgeous charms and over 300 colorful beads, this box is full of ideas for beautiful crafts, plus fun activities. What will you create?

Totally Unbelievable

Did you know there’s a river so hot it could boil you alive? Or that there really are dragons on Earth? What about the man who survived seven lightning strikes? Discover the most extraordinary, impossibly possible, and totally true facts about our weird and wonderful world. From the deepest depths of the oceans to the […]

Totally Disgusting

Ever wondered what causes that cheesy smell of vomit? Or how much snot you swallow each year? Discover the most gloriously gory, gut-churning, and totally disgusting facts in this gruesomely illustrated guide to all things gross. Sicken your friends with hundreds of filthy facts, from poop-slinging hippos and slime-oozing hagfish, to how many bacteria are […]

The (Nearly) Teenager’s Guide to Essential Life Hacks

Money. Studying. Careers. Independence. Teenagers have a lot to think about, and a lot of big choices to make. This handy book is packed with activities, tips, and clever hacks to make those choices a little easier. This is The (Nearly) Teenager’s Guide to Essential Life Hacks.

Disneyland Parks: Sticker and Activity Book

Welcome to Disnleyland Resort, the place where dreams come true! From Main Street, U.S.A., to Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and beyond, adventure is just the turn of a page away. With exciting activities to complete, puzzles to solve, plus over 500 stickers, this book will bring the magic of Disneyland straight into your home!

Early Math

Give your child a head start at school with this big book of games and activities, specially reviewed by educational experts. Then wipe the pages clean and play all over again! Help with Homework Early Math is the perfect way to practise maths skills for children aged 5+, with motivational wipe-clean exercises that can be […]