Disney: Happily Never After Gaston

Gaston is a sick and frail young man, and with a family who often mock him for his supposed weaknesses, his life moves from one miserable moment to the next. One day, while out exploring, Gaston is attacked, only to be saved by a young witch called Agatha. Little by little, the pair fall in […]

Disney: The Wicked Ones

“Blood is blood… and one way or another, we all bleed.” Drizella and Anastasia know only one thing for certain: they will never end up bitter and cruel like their mother, Lady Tremaine. But fuelled by their mother’s tendencies to pit her daughters against each other, Drizella and Anastasia soon find themselves locked in a […]

Disney Villains Happily Never After: Vanessa

Ursula is sick to death of mermaids. Ready to carve out a name for herself, she uses an ancient spell to become human for the first time. As the vivacious Vanessa ventures on land, she discovers an incredibly powerful curse has hexed an entire village. Determined to find the source of this dark magic and […]