Disney: The Wicked Ones

“Blood is blood… and one way or another, we all bleed.”

Drizella and Anastasia know only one thing for certain: they will never end up bitter and cruel like their mother, Lady Tremaine. But fuelled by their mother’s tendencies to pit her daughters against each other, Drizella and Anastasia soon find themselves locked in a complicated waltz of tenuous sisterhood.

In the weeks leading up to the royal debut party, the sisters get a taste of what life could be like free from Lady Tremaine’s intentions. But never underestimate the power of a mother whose greatest talents lie in manipulation: even the cruellest hearts can bleed.

  • Publish Date - 2023-10-31
  • ISBN - 9781837713554
  • Categories - Licensed
  • Ages - 15+
RRP: $8.99