Robots, Racers, Dinosaurs Coloring Set: with Color-Changing Markers

Embark on an exhilarating journey with the Robots, Racers, Dinosaurs Coloring Set! Within this activity kit, you’ll uncover more than 30 pages of thrilling scenes that beckon your creative touch. Immerse yourself in the worlds of futuristic robots, speedy racers, and mighty dinosaurs as you infuse these dynamic illustrations with vibrant color.

What sets this coloring set apart is the inclusion of a special marker that works its magic by seamlessly transitioning one color to another right before your eyes. This innovative feature opens up a world of color possibilities, allowing you to create stunning effects and captivating designs. Additionally, you can use the marker to write and reveal secret messages, adding an element of intrigue to your artwork.

Key Features:
-Over 30 pages of exciting scenes to complete, ensuring countless hours of imaginative exploration
-Special marker included, offering a mesmerizing color-changing effect for dynamic coloring
-Create vibrant scenes featuring robots, racers, and dinosaurs with the magic of color transformation
-Engage in hours of creative enjoyment as you bring these captivating scenes to life
-Eco-friendly kit, promoting a sustainable approach to creative expression

From the riveting world of futuristic robots to the speedy tracks of racers and the awe-inspiring realm of dinosaurs, the Robots, Racers, Dinosaurs Coloring Set invites you to unleash your imagination and infuse these scenes with color.

  • Publish Date - 2023-01-09
  • ISBN - 9781803688725
  • Categories - Children
  • Ages - Preschool (2-5)
RRP: $14.99