Escape the Murder Express

As a high-flying journalist, you love to get the scoop on any big story. You board a train hoping to obtain some exclusive information – instead, you stumble upon a murder.

Someone has killed the informant you hoped to meet – and now you look like the prime suspect. With 90 minutes until the train arrives at its destination, and your subsequent arrest, it’s a race against time to investigate the other passengers to discover who the true killer is. Could it be the shifty scientist in first class? What about the mysterious doctor? Perhaps the actress isn’t as she seems?

Play as either a traditional escape room or across an evening as a dinner party for a night you’ll never forget… as long as you get out in time.

  • Publish Date - 2023-09-30
  • ISBN - 9781837711994
  • Categories - Sparkpool (Adults)
  • Ages - 18+
RRP: $19.99