Disney Villains: Hades The Horn of Plenty

Embrace your evil side with this villainous Disney graphic novel adventure. Lorenzo Colangeli and Francesca Dell’Omodarme bring Manilo Castagna and Harriet Webster’s narrative to life with beautiful and vibrant illustrations.

When Hades, the ancient Greek god of the Underworld, is barred from attending the Olympians’ Feast of the Dodekatheon, he is furious and swears revenge. How many times must he be ridiculed by his fellow gods? Can’t he have a little bit of fun for once? Hades needs more power! Will Amalthea, a magical pet goat of the gods, make all his wicked wishes come true, once and for all?

  • Publish Date - 2023-06-30
  • ISBN - 9781837713417
  • Categories - Licensed
  • Ages - 6+
RRP: $8.99