Breathe: a Mindfulness Story and How-To Guide for Kids

In Breathe: a Mindfulness Story and How-To Guide for Kids, embark on a transformative journey with Dillon the Dog, a character that many children can relate to in today’s bustling world. As Dillon confronts the overwhelming noises and chaos around him, he seeks ways to find calmness and serenity. Through this beautifully illustrated tale, children are introduced to the fundamental principles of mindfulness, equipping them with invaluable tools to navigate their emotions and environments.

As Dillon discovers techniques to achieve inner peace, readers are encouraged to actively engage, practicing along with him. These interactive elements not only enrich the reading experience but also offer hands-on exercises that can be incorporated into their daily routines. This engaging tale not only entertains but educates, providing:
-A gentle introduction to mindfulness concepts tailored for young minds.
-Engaging prompts that encourage active participation, fostering a deeper understanding of mindfulness techniques.
-Resonating lessons on resilience, focus, and the power of inner peace amidst external chaos.
-A practical guide for children to handle stress and anxiety, reinforcing emotional well-being.
-A perfect gift for parents looking to introduce their kids to mindfulness practices in a relatable and enjoyable manner.

  • Publish Date - 2023-07-02
  • ISBN - 9781803689135
  • Categories - Children
  • Ages - Baby & Toddler (0-2)
RRP: $9.99